Dan do exactly what he is requested, escorting Blair so you’re able to their unique wedding gown fitted, however, Chuck comes after

Dan do exactly what he is requested, escorting Blair so you’re able to their unique wedding gown fitted, however, Chuck comes after

He and you will Chuck generate intentions to go out, and you may Chuck kits your to bed with a few escorts so you can forget pondering as to why the guy was not desired

Dan’s guide Into the happens within the Memoirs out-of an invisible Dan, and everybody are delighted to possess him up to they realize the character’s parts. Each of them go to confront him within his guide people, where he or she is remaining friendless shortly after individuals abandons your. Serena enjoys employment having Jane Bettinger, a movie music producer, just who commands their particular to get the flick rights so you’re able to Into the. She pretends so you can forgive your for what he authored, however sabotages his most other motion picture offers. Yet not, Dan chooses to provide their brand new rights (The fresh Fast together with Mad). Throughout manufacturing group meetings, Dan becomes enraged when he learns that Jane along with her company want to destroy their facts with a completely new definition. Serena is given the decision to possibly create your cooperate or eradicate their work, and you can she decides to help him.

By using Diana Payne, she not only effectively kills the movie, also seems to lose her business to store his publication (I’m Amount 9). Appropriate, Dan «leaves» to have his book tour, but instead remains house and you will lies throughout the in which he is per day. Rufus figures out in which he or she is, and Dan acknowledges that he visited the first few times but nobody extremely appeared. Rufus prompts your to store seeking, as it takes only one person to apply at your. Dan believes so it can have a separate try, however, again remains sexy Taiwanese Frauen household (The top Bed Not). Throughout the fresh Quite Offer, Dan is furious he was not welcome to Blair’s bridesmaid bath.

But not, Dan becomes intoxicated and you can accidents this new shower anyhow. Chuck goes to retrieve your and save your self Blair’s night, but Blair thinks Chuck is trying so you’re able to wreck they. Although not, Serena tells their particular the whole information. Within the Riding in the city Autos That have Boys, Blair visits stick with Dan to cover up from the paparazzi. If you find yourself there, she discussions towards the whether to stick with Louis or be having Chuck. She asks Chuck if he may love a unique man’s child, but is devastated as he tells their own to keep which have Louis. Dan notices how disheartened one generated their own, and you will intends to give all of them to each other within Charlie’s people.

Chuck consist off having Dan, and you will informs him that whenever being forced to save your, he understands that Dan is during love that have Blair, but she selected Louis

He effectively does so, and acknowledges to help you Serena that he knows helping their unique and you can Chuck be to each other is the best course of action.

Pursuing the New year, Chuck hires Dan to see if Blair has a keen fling. The guy notices all of them go into a personal home to one another, and you will tells Louis one Blair is cheating. At Nate’s party, it’s revealed Dan will bring Blair so you can a church to possess service and you will the guy imagine as back with Serena to safeguard her miracle (The conclusion new Affair?). From inside the G.G., Dan is one of Louis’ groomsmen and assists Blair escape their wedding following videos off their unique and Chuck happens, and you will Louis shows the guy cannot love her any further. In addition to from the relationships, Serena professes you to she wants Dan and constantly commonly however, the guy states absolutely nothing. He takes her for the airport, to help their eliminate into the Dominican Republic but is stopped because of the Serena, Chuck, and you can Georgina. Serena gets resentful you to definitely Dan still likes Blair and lied so you’re able to their own. Furthermore showed that Dan sent the fresh new clips inside and you will destroyed Blair’s marriage (The newest Duplicate Dan).

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