Meeting national suggestions for weight loss intake in teens

Meeting national suggestions for weight loss intake in teens

The new Pearson’s chi-rectangular take to away from versatility to have step 3 ? dos backup dining tables was applied examine proportions from differently energetic adolescents which met or didn’t came across Slovenian federal site philosophy (RV) to have day-after-day consumption ideas for times and macronutrients. The latest p worth was modified to help you 0.008 into Bonferroni correction on account of multiple reviews.

The investigation have been examined using IBM SPSS Statistics twenty two (IBM, Armonk, New york, USA). The level of statistical significance is put within 0.05.


Our test provided 341 teens (girls n = 179, 52.5%; boys n = 162, 47.5%) from the first 12 months out-of middle school. The typical (± basic deviation) age this new teens is actually fifteen.step three (± 0.5) ages (range fourteen so you can 18 ages).

Pure weight-loss consumption in teens

As demonstrated in Table 2, the differently active boys had significantly different intake of energy (p = 0.02), carbohydrates (p = 0.03), proteins (p = 0.002), and fats (p = 0.02)). A more detailed post-hoc analysis demonstrated that VPA boys consumed significantly more energy compared to MPA boys (p = 0.01). There was no significant difference in energy intake between LPA and VPA boys (p = 0.21) and between LPA and MPA boys (p = 1.0). The same was true for carbohydrate intake (p = 0.03), although a larger intake was observed (p = 0.02) in MPA than in VPA boys. Differences between groups of differently physically active boys were also found in protein intake, namely, VPA boys consumed more proteins than LPA boys (p = 0.005), as well as MPA boys (p = 0.01). VPA boys consumed more fat than MPA boys (p = 0.02), while there was no significant difference in fat intake between LPA and VPA boys (p = 0.91) and MPA and LPA boys (p = 1.0). In girls, no statistically significant differences were found in energy (p = 0.91), carbohydrate (p = 0.83), protein (p = 0.96), or fat (p = 0.90) intake between girls with different physical activity extent. Additional gender comparisons revealed that the energy and all macronutrients (i.e. carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) intake was significantly higher in boys than in girls in all groups of physical activity (p < 0.005).>

Desk dos Body mass index, times, and you will macronutrients intake during the in a different way individually effective teenagers. n, number of sufferers; LPA, less actually effective; MPA, modestly privately productive; VPA, vigorously yourself energetic teens; Bmi, body mass index; M, median; importance performance received with Kruskal-Wallis test ranging from in another way actually active teens is given precise p-values

An evaluation out of teenage time and you may macronutrient consumption that have federal advice is presented because percentage of teens just who met / don’t see each day recommended value for energy and all sorts of macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) predicated on gender (Desk 3) and you will physical exercise (Desk cuatro).

Dining table cuatro Percentage of in a different way effective adolescents, exactly who found otherwise don’t meet site worth (RV) to have every day time and you can nutrient intake

Speaing frankly about Desk step three, results shown you to definitely 75% from adolescents was conference the fresh federal recommendations for one another carbohydrate and you may necessary protein intakes, while you are only forty-two% and you will ten% out-of teenagers was pure Mail prijava indeed appointment new national ideas for pounds and energy consumption, correspondingly. A notably high part of boys (82.7%) was in fact conference suggestions for necessary protein intake than simply girls (67.0%) (p = 0.001). Alternatively, no mathematical variations in meeting new national recommendation was indeed discovered ranging from boys and you may girls to own either energy (p = 0.18), carbs (p = 0.06), or oils (p = 0.41).

Overall performance shown (Desk 4) there was basically zero mathematically high differences in new rates from adolescents which came across / don’t fulfill times and you will macronutrient testimonial anywhere between in a different way energetic boys and you may girls.

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